If you are in the process of choosing a first school for your child or moving into the area and looking for a

suitable school, this page gives you the information and links you need.

The admission procedure

School admission is a bureaucratic, but scrupulously fair, process which can be frustrating or straightforward depending on your circumstances. At Morda we do our best to help parents through this process but we are also bound by strict rules which ensure that procedures are fair to all. Morda CE Primary is a voluntary controlled school which means that the same rules on admission apply as any ordinary community school in Shropshire. 

A full explanation of Shropshire’s admissions system is explained on their website. 

How to apply

The admissions procedure is now handled centrally by Shropshire Council (unless you are applying to transfer from another school - see below), and application is online. Click on the link above to Shropshire Council's admissions page.


Transferring schools

If you are applying for a place due to moving from another school, parents should obtain a form from the school.  This is then processed and decided upon by Shropshire Council.


Of course, if you have a specific query which the school could answer, then please get in touch with the school office on the main number or email below.