Emotional support for children

We want children to be happy. Our core value of acceptance within a Christian community beholds us to ensure that we do our best to help children who, for whatever reason, are in an unhappy place. Of course teachers and support staff will look after children emotionally on a day to day basis but on top of this basic support, the school provides opportunities for all children to be listened to.


The school uses the SUMO (Stop, Understand and Move On) programme to help children to understand their emotions and how to manage them. Assemblies and PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Economic) lessons are based on the six different SUMO themes which address managing sadness and anger, developing positive attitudes, and working towards their personal goals.


When a child is facing a particular emotional challenge - parental divorce, bereavement, family illness, being new to the school or perhaps having friendship problems in the playground – then we offer individual support from our Learning Mentors. We are very lucky to have Mrs Lesley Edwards, Wellbeing Mentor who is able to have individual sessions with children to give them a place to talk. This process relies very much on the involvement and support of parents.


We also have school nurses who are based at Oswestry Clinic. You can contact the team on 01691 663415 to discuss any issues or concerns you may have regarding your child, such as sleep issues, bed wetting, etc. During your child’s first term at school he/she will be offered a health check, including a measurement of height and weight and a hearing test to be carried out by the school nurse.


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