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Yesterday I published a rumour in the blog about the school closing. I had heard this rumour and took it to be correct but I should have checked. I am so sorry to have added to the worry and concern and to have misrepresented an excellent GP practice which many of our families rely on.

I have included an extract from Practice Manager's email which states the facts very clearly.

Just to clarify we are not closed or at any point been closed and neither have any of the other surgeries also there have been no confirmed cases of Covid19 in Oswestry as we speak, the rumour began we think because someone did not read the poster on our front entrance properly.

The NHS doesn't get to close and even if in a few weeks or months time we are down to 50 % staff we will still be here or if necessary in another building continuing to provide care as best we can.

Please help me to correct this false rumour by sharing this post.

John Eglin


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