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Happy New Year Everybody!

Hopefully you’ve all had a restful break and you’re looking forward to the children being back in school on Tuesday.

We were fortunate last term to avoid having to close any of the bubbles and our attendance figures were well above national average.

Everyone worked really hard on keeping risks to a minimum especially you parents. You all wore masks all the time when dropping and collecting children. I think there were only one or two occasions when people forgot which was fantastic. You also remembered to avoid coming into school and only went into reception one at a time.

Staff managed brilliantly with the handwashing, cleaning and temperature checking and the children coped really well with it all. Everyone has bravely put up with the colder temperatures in class due to the ventilation.

We’ve had the wonderful news of two vaccines now giving us some light at the end of the tunnel but the news about the new variant has taken the shine off that optimism. Cases in Shropshire were at 6 per 100,000 when we started back in September, they are now at 150/100,000. So, 1 person in 150 people is currently infected. We will need to be much more vigilant especially with testing etc. Please remember to keep children off if anyone in your household has symptoms or tests positive.

Let’s give Lady Luck, who has been shining on us, a helping hand by sticking to the routine and hoping fervently that the new Tier 3, 4 (and 5) measures stop the spread of this more easily transmitted version of the virus.

But we need to be realistic, with the infection rate as it is it is probable bubbles will close (although key worker and vulnerable children will come in). Teaching unions have advised members that it is not safe for communities for schools to be open at the moment. Action based on this advice may also lead to the closure of bubbles.

Forgetting about the nasty bug for a minute, the teachers are looking forward to an exciting term focusing on Design and Technology to begin with, it could be quite alarming! We then move on to learning about the Ancient Egyptians – always an exciting topic which many of you will no doubt remember. The infants will be focussing on the Great Fire of London – another memorable subject which the teachers are burning to get started (too many crackers!).

The big improvement in leadership begins next week too when the two of us, Mrs C and Mr E become one headteacher. Mrs Lisa Holmes, an experienced key stage two teacher, will be joining our terrific team and teaching in Andes Class on Thursdays and Fridays. We have a great way of working set up which is already improving the running of the school behind the scenes. So, from next week if you need the head it’s Mr Eglin Monday to Wednesday and Mrs Chapman on Thursday and Friday.

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