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If You Don't Know Now You Know!

Just a explanation for parents about how we deal with sick bugs otherwise known as Norovirus, Viral Gastroenteritis, Winter Vomiting Virus, D&V, Diarrhea etc.

With little sniffles and colds we say send them in. If they're feeling a little bit poorly we'll say dose them up with Calpol and send them in - we'll call you if they get any worse. We do this because we want the kids in school learning and it's helpful to working parents.

Sick bugs are different. These infections spread incredibly quickly. One year a child vomited in Himalayas and more than half the children in that class went off sick in the next few days. That same infection spread through the school despite our best efforts to contain it. We had to be legally monitored by Public Health England and they were close to ordering the school to close. After that horrible experience, we now have a Vomit Squad (I'm the leader!) and special procedures to evacuate the class and get everything clean again. As a result we haven't had another severe outbreak. Parents have also been brilliant in playing their part in preventing the spread of infection.

So with sick bugs the advice is to keep children off for 48 hours after the last "episode" (runny poo or vomit). Working parents find this tricky as your child will be feeling fine but this is scientifically based advice from Public Health England https://www.publichealth.hscni.net/sites/default/files/Guidance_on_infection_control_in%20schools_poster.pdf

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