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Important Change to The Risk Assessment

What a great start to the new school year! Well done to the whole school community for working so well together to keep everyone safe and get the children back happy in school and learning again.

We have had a couple of issues with testing which will become part of our routine. People will get symptoms and we’ll need to get tests done. Parents have acted quickly and responsibly despite the inconvenience.

After this first week, we have reviewed our risk assessment in light of feedback from staff. We have discussed with all governors and staff the issue of siblings of children showing symptoms and waiting for a test. We all feel this situation presents a increased risk of a spread of infection to staff and the wider school community.

Therefore, if we have a child is displaying systems and a test is needed, we have decided that siblings should stay at home until the result of the test is known.

Similarly, if anyone (adults or older children) in your household is showing symptoms and waiting for a test the children of that household should not come in until we have a negative test.

Simply, if anyone in your household is waiting for a test result the children should not be in school.

Test results are coming back pretty quickly and I would hope all employers understand that this sort of situation has to be part of the “new normal”.

Thank goodness it was only a short week as I think children and staff are quite tired. We are all looking forward to week 2 and getting our routine embedded.

Mr E :-)

FYI - In the news yesterday it was reported that sickness and diarrhoea are important symptoms in children of Covid 19. Please keep children with poorly tummies off and phone 119 for advice. Please keep the school updated too.

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