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Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Hello everyone, we are all very excited about seeing everyone: as I am sure are the children are too. Many of you will be looking forward to some well earned normality as well.

With that in mind let me reassure you that we are determined to get the children back and keep them back. We will not be fully or partly closing the school or sending home well children without instructions from NHS Test or Trace (see below for children who are unwell).

We have worked hard on our Risk Assessment with contributions from many staff and governors which you can see here. The important day to day details have been updated in the summary below. If you have any questions you can email me on head@morda.shropshire.sch.uk, I'm off cycling in Scotland (I know!) for the rest of the week but I will be able to reply on Monday or Tuesday. If it's urgent Mrs Chapman is on chapman.h@morda.shropshire.sch.uk. This is how we are going to start but things will change as get into our new routine and review procedures with your help.

Arriving at school

  • No staggered start

  • Classroom doors will open at 8.40am - no one should be on the school site before then

  • Entry through the playground gates for all classes except Snowdonia

  • Snowdonia entry through carpark gate (if you have older children, take them in via Snowdonia and send them off to their classes from there)

  • One-way system with parents leaving via front gate

  • Gates open early to avoid queues

  • Children to wait outside classrooms: Himalayas to wait in Hall

  • Temperature and symptoms checks on entry

  • Parents to avoid coming into school where possible

  • Where possible parents should allow children to walk into school on their own especially those in KS2

Clothing/PE Kit/Forest School

  • School uniform to be worn as usual

  • ·Wellies for playtimes in grassed areas need to be in school every day

  • ·PE kit to be worn all day on PE days

  • ·Forest School clothes to be worn all day on FS days.

  • ·School may be colder than children are used to so extra layers may be needed

Contact with office

  • Use phone or email where possible

  • One in one out policy for essential contact with office staff

  • Cashless payments are preferred, however if paying by cash please put the exact payment in an envelope marked with child's name, amount of payment and what it is for and drop it in the locked post box by Himalayas class window.


  • Class bubbles will have allocated toilets


  • Assemblies will be held outside weather permitting

  • No indoor assemblies


  • Children will eat lunch in their bubbles

  • Lunches will be eaten in the Hall and Himalayas class allowing staff to clean between each bubble sitting


  • School house garden and field to be used at playtimes on a rota to allow bubbles to be separated

  • Children will need wellies in wet weather

Ventilation – preventing airborne transmission via aerosol droplets

  • All windows and doors will be open most of the time

  • Temperature indoors may be as low as 16C (legal minimum) as a result

  • Staff and children will need to wear additional clothing


  • Frequent cleaning of frequently touched surfaces by all staff

  • Additional cleaning in toilets


  • Children to have personal pack of pencils, rubbers etc

  • Home reading books to be quarantined for 72 hours

  • Bubbles have allocated stock of playground resources

  • Any shared resources to be cleaned frequently


  • Children encouraged to wash hands as often as possible


  • Parents to check children are completely well before coming school

  • If they need medication such as Calpol they must stay at home

  • Children showing symptoms of any kind of illness will be sent home

  • Parents should check with NHS Track and Trace to see if a test is required

  • The school will follow NHS Track and Trace guidance following a positive test

  • If there is no test or the result is negative, the child must be completely free of symptoms before they return.

Leaving School

  • Gates open early to avoid queues

  • As many KS2 children as possible to walk home or to a meeting point (school will keep a register)

  • Snowdonia entry through car park gate (if you have older children, take them in via Snowdonia and send them off to their classes from there)

  • Alps and Andes parents to wait on yard

  • Rockies adults to wait on ramp

  • Himalayas adults to wait in Hall

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