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Keep Calm and Have a Cup of Tea

Well done everyone - progress so far has been amazing we’ve seen so much lovely learning going on and everybody is having a go.

However we are aware that all of us are facing the similar difficulties and our anxiety is high which leads to stress. Some of you are facing even greater stress due to your particular circumstances. It is obviously a very difficult time.

The last thing we want to do is to add to your family’s stress levels so here are a few FAQs which we hope well help you keep calm at least about school work.

Why are you sending out work?

  1. to help you provide some structure for the children so that you can keep a calm house with all the restrictions we are under.

  2. to keep children learning: some skills need to maintained especially in Maths, Reading and Writing to stop them falling behind.

  3. because children enjoy learning and it will make a change from other activities at home.

Do we have to make the children do it?

  • It's best not to make children do anything. It's much better to encourage them and find ways of getting them to want to do it?

  • There's no need to get into a battle of wills. The usual reason children don't want to do some learning is they don't feel confident (even when they say they are bored). If you've got time give them a hand. If not leave it till later.

  • If you are stuck have a brew and ring/email your teacher

Will the children have to do work in the holidays?

  • No. Morda CE Virtual Primary School will break up for the holidays in the usual way.

What if brother’s and sisters need the tech for their schoolwork and there aren’t enough devices in the house?

  • This is difficult. I am aware that the local secondary school is putting a lot of work online and expecting pupils to sign in at certain times. You may feel able to address this yourself by buying a new device. But that might be impossible financially for a lot of people. I am in touch with the Marches to look at this issue. Please let your teacher know if it is a big problem for you. And please don't worry about it.

What if my internet crashes?

  • If you've got a good data deal on your phone you could try "tethering" or a wifi hotspot. If that doesn't work have a brew and wait for it to get sorted. No one will be telling you off. Please let your teacher know.

What if someone gets ill?

  • Please let us know, we've already had messages from parents about some non-corona related illness.

What if the work is too hard for the child?

  • Pass the problem on to your teacher and have a brew.

What if I’m too busy working at home to help my child?

  • You can only do what you can do. Give yourself a break, have a brew and have a look at it later. They could switch to something else or just have a quiet play until you've time to have a look or ring your teacher.

What if we want to do different learning?

  • Feel free; this is an opportunity for those who have the time to get creative. Ideas are being shared among parents on the Morda Virtual School Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1095901437439403/

  • We would advise talking it through with your teacher. It might be that certain skills still need particular attention and teachers can guide you towards the right types of activities.

  • But please keep an eye on what's coming from school. We hope to have some exciting Mantle of the Expert projects going after Easter.

Why am I getting so many emails and texts?

  • Obviously if you have children in different classes you will be receiving quite a lot of information. Again please don't get stressed if we need a response from you we will be in touch again, otherwise it should be useful information for reference. Have a brew and look at it when you've got time. We will get into a rhythm after the holidays I'm sure.

What about my child's Special Educational Needs?

  • Our SENDCO Mrs Kavanagh is working hard to ensure children's needs are met as best we can as are the children's teachers. If you feel stressed by something to do with your child's SEND speak to your teacher of email Mrs Kavanagh and she'll be in touch.

What do I do if I'm worried about my child's emotional well-being or mental health?

  • It is a worrying time and children do pick up on our anxieties. Also with stress levels high, conflict can breakout between siblings that can feel very hard to handle. Give Lesley a ring on 07395877129 or email on edwards.l@morda.shropshire.sch.uk. She has lots of information to pass on.

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