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Keeping Vulnerable People Safe And The School Open

Following the Prime Minister's announcement yesterday we have altered our procedures.

1. We would still like children with mild cold and flu symptoms to stay off school until they are completely better.


To protect vulnerable people - children's temperatures fluctuate wildly sometimes so a 37.2 could (and as happened today) go up to 37.8. As the number of cases grows the chances of one coming to the school in this way increases.

To keep the school open - one person's runny nose is another's cough. We need key staff in school and if we have teachers self-isolating because of something they have caught off children we are in danger of closing

2. As per government advice, anyone who has a new persistent cough and/or a fever of above 37.8 should self-isolate at home for 7 days.


Because this is national government advice that will delay the spread of the virus in the UK.

3. We do not want anyone in any of our buildings who has any kind of infection.


We have had two children today with temperatures of 37.8. These children have been moving around school and were waiting to be collected in reception. This presents a growing risk to vulnerable people. It is therefore really important that parents carefully assess children before they are dropped at school to avoid this risk. If your child has even a mild fever please do not bring them into school buildings. The chief medical officer today confirmed that people are at their most infectious at the very start of the disease.

We are currently organising online learning materials for children who are well enough to work while recovering/self-isolating at home. More on this next week.

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