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Morda Readers Will McFly After Seeing Tom Fletcher!

What an inspirational trip to see Tom Fletcher, children's author and McFly founder. The children loved hearing him interviewed by Radio 1 DJ and CBBC presenter Katie Thistleton. He read an extract from his new book The Christmasaurus and The Winter Witch which had us all gripped and left us on a cliff hanger... a future without Christmas! Illustrator Shane Devries (who some of the staff and parents were rather impressed with) did a live drawing of the very dinosaur showing how the character is built up from basic shapes. Each school then had a chance to ask one question and our own Zach Jones did a brilliant job for Morda. Tom then sang us on of the many songs that he composed as he was writing the book. One parent said that their child could not be prized away from his copy of the book afterwards and that he wants to read all Mr Fletcher's other works.

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