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New Homework Policy

Follow the link below to our new homework policy:


You will see that we have responded to issues raised at last term's parents' meeting. Homework always seems to divide parents evenly with some believing that it is very important and others feeling strongly that school work should stay in school as home work is an intrusion on family life.

Both opinions are widely held across the country but as education professionals it is our duty to follow the law and to seek out the best practice based on research. You will see that this has led us to stick to what the research shows works.

Central to our new policy is "shared reading" and "book talk". The research shows that sitting and sharing a book with your child/children is highly beneficial. Look out for future events during Sleep Week which will support you in finding the right books to have an enjoyable session. In the meantime here's a good list for younger children:


Older children are choosing books in school with the Reading Champions. Why not sit down and read a chapter after your child has caught you up with story. Remember it's book sharing so you can read and have a good chat about what you are reading. It's definitely not about hearing them sound out words: it's all about the talk.

Finally if it's good enough for Cheltenham Ladies' College it's good enough for Morda!


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