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Prime Minister's Announcement re: Re-opening Schools

You will have all seen (or heard about) the PM's broadcast on Sunday with its section on the potential phased reopening of schools beginning with years R,1 and 6. He stated that this would begin on the 1st June if the conditions allow. The intention is then for the rest of the year groups to return before the end of June so that all children have a "month" in school before the summer holidays.

The government's guidance on the reopening was published last night. Shropshire Council has been begun supporting schools with their planning and preparation. We are gathering data for our risk assessment as we will not be opening until we are satisfied that it is safe for our school community.

Safe for children, safe for parents, safe for grandparents, safe for staff and their families.

Mr Johnson indicated that the return to school is dependent on the circumstances being right but there was not much clarity. The announcement has raised many more questions than answers.The guidance too seems to contradict itself in places creating more uncertainty.

The education unions have united around a common demand: that government delivers the "world class" track and trace system mentioned in the broadcast BEFORE schools return. All of the unions have sought the views of thousands of parents as well as their members and the support for a more cautious approach is overwhelming.

So we would like to hear from you. Please let us know what you think by emailing head@morda.shropshire.sch.uk or by commenting on the Facebook post.

We desperately want to have the children back (we all miss them!!) as soon as possible but only when it is safe.

Mr E and Mrs C

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