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School Closed to YR,1 and 6 Open to Key Workers from 1st June

Dear Parents and the Whole School Community,

Following the Government’s announcement and subsequent communications from the Local Authority (LA) concerning the proposal to allow a partial re-opening of schools in England the Senior Leadership and Governors have been reviewing the situation at Morda.

Covid-19 remains a real and present threat to all communities. It is unseen and can pose a threat to life, particularly to “at risk” groups. This threat has been central to our thinking at Morda and after consideration of all relevant information available to us, the restrictions that our school buildings and layout present, and the availability of staff who are able to work under the current guidelines relating to “at risk” and “shielded” groups, an offer was made to the LA last week.

This offer was to re-establish our care service for key worker and vulnerable children. Following a thorough and careful risk assessment we decided that to open the school to more children would put our school community at too great a risk.

Families have already been using the key worker provision at the hub successfully. Our admin team has contacted all qualifying parents to encourage them to make use of the service at Morda from 1st June as per government guidelines. Numbers are limited by the risk assessment to 24 (if there is greater demand we will prioritise NHS, education and care workers). If you are not currently registered as a key worker and would like to be, please email admin@morda.shropshire.sch.uk.

Safeguarding of our pupils and the protection of the health and safety of the wider school community lie at the heart of our ethos at Morda. A specific plan has been produced by the senior leadership team detailing how children will be received and dismissed from school and for the activities which will take place during the day. New procedures will be implemented to minimise risks which the virus presents and all present on site must adhere to these.

For the wider school community, the school remains closed and visitors will not be allowed on site. Our pupils will continue to be educated through the “virtual” school.

This situation is extremely fluid and remains under constant review nationally, by the LA and by the team at Morda. We urge the wider community to work with us to ensure maximum precautions are applied both in the local community, at home, but especially in the school environment. We desperately want children back in school. We miss them greatly and they need our dedicated staff to move their learning on more effectively than we can via the virtual school.

John Eglin Headteacher

Helen Chapman Deputy Headteacher

Harry Pickavance Chair of Governors

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