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Updated: Mar 18, 2020

I am sorry to have sprung this on you all at short notice. However we felt we needed to act to protect vulnerable children, staff and families. Following advice from the LA to conduct a risk assessment, we had intended to close on Monday come what may. Having sent Rose and Fred home for their protection, we had no cleaning staff in the school. Katie our cook is also self-isolating along with teachers Bobby and Mel.

After discussion with Helen our Deputy and Harry the Chair of Governors we decided not to take any further risks with vulnerable pupils, staff and families.

So for the foreseeable future, teachers will be providing virtual learning opportunities for children. Teachers met today and we agreed that we want to support parents by providing structure to your children's days and to continue learning. We felt passionately that school must continue as a community and staff will continue to work hard to provide the best service we can.

We are setting up classes on the learning platform Study Ladder which many of you will be familiar with. New logins are being sent out. We will continue with TimesTables Rockstars. We will also be sending some links by email which we hope you will help your children to access. Teachers will be sharing their work emails to help every keep in touch if you need support. We are hoping to provide teachers with work phones to allow them to speak to parents if more complex support is needed.

Lesley will be also be available via email if needed and will be keeping in touch.

Teachers are meeting tomorrow to get the ball rolling. We will be sending out test emails which we would like you to respond to as quickly as is convenient so we can be sure we are reaching you.

To provide some routine we will be sending out three "lessons" per day which will be timetabled. We are hoping that you will find this timetabling a support in giving the children's days some structure and purpose.

With vulnerable staff needing to self-isolate for the next 12 weeks and schools potentially being closed for 13-16 weeks in the near future it is likely that this situation will continue for many weeks. We hope to make the best of it by keeping children learning.

As we left the building today some tears were shed but we geed ourselves up with the thought of helping children and you parents to find some normality in these extraordinary times.

Me E :-)

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