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This Year and the Next

Life in school, both virtual and physical, has continued to develop and improve. For example, we now have the capability to have live class sessions using Google Meet and MS Teams.

This has allowed children in our Key Worker and Vulnerable (KWV) bubbles to join in class sessions while in school in what has been called a “blended” approach. Thank you for helping the children to manage with their many passwords and usernames.

We got off to a very quick start with our virtual learning and as we have found more useful resources, we have added them to improve the children’s learning experiences. But there are a lot of separate packages now which is a faff for you parents.

Year 6 return…

It has been so lovely to see year 6 coming into school in their bubbles.(Patryk, pictured,was the first in!). It was all a bit strange to begin with and the children were a little quiet (no bad thing you might think 😉) but they quickly got used to the new arrangements and have really enjoying being in school.

We have promised the year 6’s their VIP Leavers’ Disco and Crocky Trails Trip for some point in the coming year as soon as conditions allow. However, Mr D has something creative up his sleeve for the last week to mark the children’s final days in school – watch this space.

Year 6s have been taking part in activities and some visits to the Marches and other schools to prepare them for “transition” which is helping them to feel more relaxed about starting school.

What about everyone else?

Governors have pointed out that I haven’t mentioned the other children who are not in Year 6, Year 1, Year R or part of the KWV bubbles in previous blogs. Apologies for my lack of clarity. Only children from year 6 or those making use of the KWV provision will be able to attend school before the end of term.

Everyone else will continue to be supported at home by teachers and helped tremendously by parents and other family members (big shout out to those big brothers and sisters – thank you 😊). We have seen some amazing work and lots of creativity on display.

We understand it’s been a huge effort especially for those of you with heavy work commitments at home. We know your pain as many of our teachers are in the same boat.

Thinking about next year…

Our new reception children are visiting Snowdonia next week in a carefully planned operation with Mrs Lunt and Mrs Butler making sure everyone is safe.

All being well they will start school in the usual because, as you will be aware, the government has announced that all children will return to school in September. Detailed guidance (here) for schools to begin planning was released yesterday.

The instructions build on what we are already doing in school, so a lot of the work is already done. However, there will be some substantial differences from the old normal such as:

  • · Children and staff will keep to “class bubbles” as much as possible

  • · Play times will be staggered and segregated

  • · No indoor assemblies

  • · Children will not be sitting facing each other

  • · Lunchtimes will take longer as there will cleaning between each bubble sitting

  • · Hand washing at every opportunity

  • · Frequent cleaning of surfaces, handles etc

  • · Parents won’t be able to come into school in the same way (I’m very sad about this one)

All these measures and others will be set out in a new Risk Assessment, building on our existing Infection Control Procedures, which will be available to you before the start of the school year.

Some of you may have worries but I hope that our detailed infection control procedures will help you to feel confident about sending children in. Please remember the risk to children is negligible, and our infection control systems will help to prevent the spread of the virus in the community.

You’ve all had the new classes and new staffing arrangements. Now we can run live sessions, teachers will be arranging Move-Up meetings for their new classes in the last week – look out for details.

All the staff are really excited about coming back and we hope you are too.

Look out for …

  • Be Active Week activities next week

  • Virtual Sports Day on Wednesday!

  • Details of Move-up sessions


Big apologies to those parents who have replied to school emails. Due to a mix up the reply box was not monitored. There will now be a reply address within the message so that you email the teacher concerned directly.

If you’d like to email me about issues in this blog or anything else, I’m on head@morda.shropshire.sch.uk or you can ring me during working hours on 07742593272.

Mr E 😊

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