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URGENT & IMPORTANT New Covid-19 Government Guidance

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Following today's announcement, family members with symptoms and the rest of the household should self-isolate for 14 days. Therefore children who have been sent home with a temperature and /or a new persistent cough, should not return to school for 14 days. Their siblings should also be isolated with the rest of family for a fortnight. Please do not send in brothers and sisters if your child is off school. If someone who does not attend Morda within the household develops symptoms, we will expect that children from that home will not attend school for 14 days. We will be providing learning resources.

If your child is offered a flu vaccine, they are included in the group of vulnerable people who are being asked to self-isolate for their own protection for the next 3 months, you will need to begin social distancing from "next weekend". Some conditions are considered much more serious: see the full government advice here: Again, we will be providing learning resources to use at home. There is additional guidance for those children with Asthma here.

With several staff members within the vulnerable group and others potentially self-isolating because of symptoms, it has become highly likely that the school will close either partially or completely in the near future. It is likely too that all schools will close before the infection across the country reaches its peak. In light of these likelihoods, some of the more obvious FAQs are dealt with below.

What will happen if staff are self-isolating?

Demand on supply staff is very high so it may be necessary to close individual classes at short notice. We need to maintain safe levels of supervision and keep the children learning therefore all members of a closed class will have to stay off school even if their siblings are in school.

How will children continue with learning if their class or the whole school is closed?

We are providing work on the Study Ladder platform. Login details will sent out soon. We will also continue with TimesTablesRockStars.

Are we limiting the large group activities?

Yes the following events are cancelled

  • Easter Service

  • Open Classrooms Event

  • Assemblies

What happens if we can't staff the kitchen?

Again supply staff are very difficult to find so we will ask parents to send in a packed lunch if the kitchen is forced to close.

How will we keep you informed?

We will continue to use Teachers2Parents text messages, the website and Facebook page to keep you up to date with developments. Teachers will also provide their work emails to help with individual issues.

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