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We're all working for Greta!

Our topic for the whole school this term is the Climate Emergency declared by the UK Government on 1st May 2019. Using our Mantle of the Expert learning the children are creating packs for Greta to give advice to young climate activists.

This is an excellent way of learning Geography and of course our values of respect (for the planet) and compassion (for people and animals affected by global heating). We're doing our best to not to scare the children while making sure they have the facts. After all there is still hope if we take the right action now. We are definitely not teaching the children about the "Apocalypse".

You will get the chance to see the children's fantastic work at our Open Classrooms Event on Thursday 26th March 3.15 - 5.30.

Family support is there for you ...

Lesley Edwards has a two part job title. She is our learning mentor, working with children to help them manage their emotions; and our family support worker helping parents to solve problems. She is very good at helping people find support from organisations outside school. Sometimes people have money troubles and a domestic crisis at the same time. Lesley has been able to help families by arranging for some funding from the church to help with domestic appliances and carpets in the past. She has also found funding for families in need from other areas. Money is not paid out of the school budget in these cases.

If you are in any kind of trouble or crisis come and see Lesley and she may be able to help you find some help. And of course she is brilliant at listening, sometimes a good chat can do the world of good.

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