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Wider Opening: Year 6 Bubbles to begin returning Monday 22/06/20

As promised the Senior Leadership Team looked again at the situation with regard to the wider opening of Morda School. We found that the national ONS data (here) has improved on two weeks ago. There have been three of the most serious cases in Oswestry between 01/03/20 and 17/04/20 (here). We do not have more recent data for Oswestry, but this shows that the virus has been and may still be around the area. We have heard from NHS sources that things are quieter in Shropshire's hospitals. However the R rate for our region (the West Midlands) is currently thought to be between 0.8 and 1.0 (here). While the data is mixed it does seem to justify a very cautious move to having more children in school.

Therefore with caution very much in mind, we have decided that we can open the school more widely to around 36 children per day in 4 "bubbles". Two of these bubbles are needed for Key Worker and Vulnerable Provision (KWV parents please note) so the remaining 2 can be used for children the government chose to be part of the wider opening group; years R,1 and 6.

We have decided that it is year 6 that need this opportunity most: so very sorry to disappoint Reception and Year 1, we will see you in the Autumn. We hope you understand.

Bubbles at Morda can contain between 8 to 10 children so those of you who are hot on Maths will realise that we can't fit Year 6 into 2 bubbles. They do however fit quite nicely into 4 and will be able to share the week.

From 29/06/20 to the end of term, half year 6 will attend on Monday and Tuesdays in 2 bubbles and half on Thursdays and Fridays in their bubbles, with Wednesday reserved for deep cleaning. Each bubble will have a dedicated member of staff. The theory being that if any infection does come into building, it will only be a small group affected and not the whole school. Each bubble will be independent and have its own allocated toilets.

We will start on the 22/06/20 (next Monday) with a trial week when each bubble comes in just for one day. This will help us make sure the systems are working well before we have larger numbers in.

Year 6 parents please don't worry if you are confused, a letter is heading your way with more details including which bubble your child has been allocated.

We have no information on what the situation will be in the Autumn but we'll let you know as soon as we do. Thanks again to all you parents educating your children at home. You're doing great job and please please give your teacher a ring if there is anything you need a hand with. That's all for now folks.

Mr E and Mrs C :-)

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