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Lunches at School

Our school encourages healthy eating and Mrs Katie Griffith, the school’s Cook, provides healthy and nutritious menus. Alternatively, parents can choose to send children with a packed lunch, and help on choosing suitable ingredients for this can be found here:  

Food Allergy Information

New legislation requires schools to identify possible sources of allergens in food served in their canteens. As a result, details of allergens and their source foods are available here.


We have developed a easy-to-use matrix which covers the 14 most common allergens and the information on this food allergen matrix is based on recipe information and supplier specifications. We review and republish the allergen data available to us regularly but the circumstances in which a product is made, packaged, stored and distributed may change without our knowledge.



Within our kitchens we handle food products containing fish, egg, molluscs, milk, and cereals containing gluten, celery, soya, mustard, sulphites, lupin and derivatives of these allergens. It is impossible to fully guarantee separation of these allergens at all times from other ingredients in storage, preparation or cooking. All dishes are prepared in areas where allergens are present, therefore there is a risk that ingredients used in the meals may have accidentally come into contact with an undeclared allergen at any point in time, leading to cross-contamination. Cooking equipment (e.g. fryers, grills etc) and food preparation areas may be shared and fried items containing different allergens may be cooked in the same frying oil.


As part of the new legislation on The Provision of Food Information to Consumers, Regulation EU 1169/2011, we will only highlight allergenic ingredients if they are intentionally added to a product.

Further questions

If you have any questions with regards to food allergies or cooking methods used in school dinners please speak to Mrs Katie Griffith, our Cook, who will be happy to help.


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