School uniform

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Why do we have it?

  • Parents like it.

  • It helps build a sense of belonging and bonds the school community together.

  • It is practical to have a set of clothes for school.

  • It prepares children for secondary school where uniform policies are strict.

The clothes (which were decided on many years ago by parents)

  • Sweatshirt/hoody navy with school logo (names/initials optional)

  • Arthog sweatshirts may also be worn (comes with initials)

  • Polo shirt navy school logo optional (names/initials optional)

  • Skirts/trousers black/grey

  • Shoes/boots black optional (some parents prefer trainers as these last better on the football pitch)


We advise against open shoes/sandals during winter as flat (ish) soled shoes/boots keep feet warm and snug.

  • Summer dresses optional

  • Tights; colours and patterns up to you

    A note about dresses and skirts: girls have told me that wearing dresses can make them feel self­ conscious when using the climbing wall or during other physical activities. This prevents them from enjoying the full range of fun available. Some parents choose shorts or leggings to compliment skirts and dresses. Other girls choose trousers or shorts.

  • PE kit: navy shirts and shorts, navy tracksuit bottoms and hoodies, school logo optional.


Hair and jewellery

  • None of our business really except during PE when long hair should be tied back, jewellery removed or covered with tape for safety reasons.

  • We would advise that wearing excessive amounts of jewellery would be inappropriate especially where it distracts the wearer or others from their learning.

  • Valuable items (both monetary and sentimental) should also be avoided for obvious reasons

  • Tying long hair back can also help prevent the transfer of nits which can be a problem from time to time.

Most importantly

  • This is all advice: we cannot legally enforce a uniform in primary school unlike secondaries.

  • We want to work in partnership with parents so we do not do bans or have strict uniform rules that create difficulties for families on tight budgets; shoes are a good example of this approach.

  • Children should never be spoken to negatively or told off or criticised in any way about their appearance as this is unfair. Parents approve what children wear in the morning so it is unjust to comment negatively on those choices without parents present. It’s also pretty rude!

  • We really appreciate parents and children making the effort to wear school uniform so children will be praised and sometimes rewarded for wearing it.